1. Commercial Ambit

All deliveries of Alpha Foto GmbH and all payments from customers of Alpha Foto GmbH via the internet platform www.alphafoto.com are grounded on these general terms and conditions. This is also valid in cases in which the general terms and conditions are not specifically mentioned. When ordering, a customer automatically agrees to these terms and conditions. Conventions parting from this have to be agreed upon in writing.

2. Payment and Ordering Pictures

The ordering of pictures on www.alphafoto.com may be executed by paying with a credit card, Paypal, invoice (only in Switzerland, when postal delivery necessary), direct debiting system (Germany) or in advance payment. The prices are valid as published on www.alphafoto.com at the time of the order placement, in addition to which we charge a processing and shipping fee. The prices may vary from event to event. In the case of urgent deliveries or any other elaborate order processing forms we charge for the extra costs. After the delivery the customer bears responsibility both for the utilisation, and for any damage of the delivered goods. Any complaints must be directed to Alpha Foto GmbH immediately after delivery.

3. Grant of Rights

After the successful payment the customer may dispose of the purchased photographs for private and personal use. Any utilisation of the pictures for commercial or publicity usage is not permitted in any form whatsoever. For such purposes permission must be requested from Alpha Foto GmbH. The compensations for forbidden usage of pictures in the press or in advertising follow the usual norms of the business (for example Price Comparison in Switzerland. Professional Community of Photo Agencies) according to a previous agreement with Alpha Foto GmbH. Any publication of the pictures must indicate the source as “alphafoto.com”. The copyright remains with Alpha Foto GmbH at any rate.

4. Data Security

Alpha Foto GmbH takes all regular and reasonable steps in order to insure the security of data, especially for information regarding customers and payment. Alpha Foto GmbH will not regard any further security measures and especially any compensation claims. Customer data may be used for own marketing purposes.

5. Legal Venue and Place of Fulfilment

All legal relations between Alpha Foto Ldt. and its customers are subject to Swiss legislation. The legal venue and place of fulfilment is Dietikon.