I cannot find any pictures of myself. Are there really none?

You may search after your pictures with the help of your gender or site under the heading “Search after pictures with illegible numbers”.
Although we mobilise several photographers, it is unfortunately not always possible to shoot good pictures of all participants at all times. We may compensate for that during a future event if you help by making sure your starting number is well visible on your front side.

Are orders possible only via Internet?

You may also send us your order through e-mail (info@alphafoto.com) or telephone. Do mention your photo number, event, starting number, item, number of copies and the delivery address for that purpose.

How may I pay?

We offer several payment modalities:

- Credit card: Visa Card and Master Card
- Paypal
- Invoice (for Switzerland and via post only)
- Payment in advance

Further information about payment modalities

I would like to use a photograph for advertising or media purposes, is this allowed? How may I proceed?

This utilisation requires a specific convention with Alpha Foto. Do inform us via telephone or e-mail for which purpose you would like to use the picture, and we will give you a quotation for that.

When will digitally ordered pictures arrive?

Picture data from the download may be downloaded directly after the order/payment as jpg-file. Data ordered on a CD_ROM will be delivered via post. Please allow for a few days delivery time.

How long does a delivery take?

We deliver within a few days after the order or after the entry of your payment in advance into our account. Deliveries outside Switzerland may take longer, according to the regular post services.

How is the resolution of the pictures?

We send the original data with original resolution. The resolution is usually ca. 6.5 to 7.0 Mio. pixels which allow big prints. The pictures are shot with professional cameras from Nikon and Canon.